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You have to be careful, you have to pay attention to red flags, I know it's exciting after all of this time but don't abandon all common sense.

I sometimes feel unattractive but my friends tell me I am pretty.

I found someone that stood out from the others for his intelligence, kindness, and humor.

Though it can be painful, many people suggest keeping the emailing to a minimum and meeting for coffee as soon as you know that you have some small amount of interest.

That way you can start getting to know a real person, rather than an email facade.

See the Ellen Barkin film - Sea of Love for one method of scheduling meetings. You have not met him yet, so it is better to stop things now. We women have to get into the best shape we can before we date; let the men put that energy out as well. The problem is that you have been emailing for a month and he hasn't tried to meet you.

Veteran of the Million Man March Most important piece of on-line dating advice - one email, one reply and an easy, public get together - Starbucks on a weekend morning. I'd say there are many red flags flying for the guy who is on vacation -- let him go and move on. Your statements that he is putting it off and now is ''out of the country'' further confirm that something isn't right.

If he does agree to meet, you may find that the chemistry is really strong and his extra weight doesn't bother you.

You still need to be mindful of his lack of availability, that is a big red flag.

But in any case online chemistry does not equal in person chemistry and you always have to meet to find out and if it's not right then move on.

I'm not really a fan of online dating for these reasons.

Pen pals need not apply I read a recent article in AARP magazine about dating over fifty. Ellen Lots of women and men of all ages look for love on the internet, due to time constraints; for example my twenty-five year old tenant found her current love on the internet. Normally they post a picture that is ten years old.

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