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Yet it seemed to be being used in the same context as the word "fag" is used in respect of English public schools for boys.

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What attracted my parents to send me to St Catherine's was the promotion in the academy's literature of the positive discrimination self-evidently provided by an all-female environment, teachers and pupils both.

Indeed, at my pre-transfer interview in London, with my parents present, the academy's head had convinced my folks that for me to be kept away from boys for a short while would do no harm at all to my educational and consequently my career prospects.

I was, of course, extremely curious as to what they could be talking about.

I asked to have Josephine and Marion pointed out to me. Jo was a truly lovely looking eighteen-year-old young woman, a brunette with an hourglass figure.

When I had just turned sixteen, I was what British newspapers now call "a stunna".

Five-feet eight inches tall, with long, long, legs and long slim arms.

Not that I need worry really, "Jo" or "Mar" were certainties: one or the other.

There was even talk of two; but that was against all tradition.

Arriving to live-in there on the afternoon of the day before the first of the new term, I was surprised at how friendly and welcoming the girls who had been there already for some time were to me, as a newcomer, as we all stood around in the assembly hall waiting to be formally sorted into our year-groups classes and dormitories.

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