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My sincere condolences to Sadie's family and friends!!! My heart aches every time, I hear about a child committing suicide.My sincere condolences to Sadie's family and friends!!! Shame on anyone who for any reason, thought they were better than Sadie, and chose to bully her.This is a frightening world in which we live, and each day I pray for myself, to be kind, and with the help of God not to get sucked into the ugliness of our world. He also is bi-racial and I raised him alone with no other siblings.

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I easily cry over these things as it is so unnecessary and I wish kids/young adults could see what it does to them.

I was once told that bullies pick on others because they are jealous, not sure if that helps, but I hope with all my heart that Sadie can rest in peace knowing that her message has been heard quite a distance away from where she lived.

Can't imagine the depths of pain, but praying for your strength and peace. It is never easy to loose someone we love but especially is it hard when so young and unnecessary.

As a teacher, I will keep Sadie in my heart when talking to my students about bullying and will continue to focus on kindness and respect. I wish for you the opportunity to find comfort with God and his promise for a future with no more bullying or pain. Bonnie, Canada Your prayers are being answered as awareness of your tragedy is spreading around the country.

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Thank you and God Bless for so unselfishly sharing your tragedy with us. May we all keep in the hope of resurrection to life as promised when “The hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.”—John , 29.I don't even know this girl, but she sounded like such a sweet sweet girl and I'm sorry for your loss. People need to educate their children about bullying and there needs to be stricter repercussions for this behaviour. I send my deepest sympathy also to all of you who knew and loved this dear soul. Heart felt and extremely powerful thoughts - you have touched so many people.I will meet you one day, and so will the rest of your friends :) I'll be a new friend one day in the clouds for you! But I'm a mother of two girls and a son who I had to bury in 2001. Time will soften it some, but you will always carry her in you. I tell Brad's siblings we can have regrets but not blame. So sorry sweet Sadie "Rest Easy Sweet Angel" Dear child, you are loved. Your message of kindness will be remembered, and will endure. I live in a small town in Utah which hopefully shows you how far her story is being shared and treasured.Without personally knowing Sadie, it is so clear what a beautiful, kind soul she was and always will be. And also hope in the promise when 'evil men will be done away with, But those hoping in Jehovah will possess the earth." (Psalm 37:9).One photo of Sadie you shared with us in particular, showed us large, sparkling and smiling eyes. So, so sad and heartbreaking to hear about your sweet Sadie.We wonder why would a beautiful young Lady take her own life.

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