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To learn more about consolidating debt with credit cards, click here.

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If you need professional help with debt, contact us today!

Getting help from us is as easy as giving us a call or chatting with us online.

There are likely other options you may want to consider as well.

To learn more about using home equity to consolidate debts, click here.

It allows you to get out of debt by making one monthly payment that fits your budget.

To find out if a DMP is a good debt consolidation option for you, one of our Credit Counsellors would be happy to look at your situation with you.

In this case one of our Credit Counsellors can help you look at other debt consolidation options.

Related: More information on how a debt consolidation loan works Home equity is what’s left when you subtract what you owe on your house from what it’s worth.

People facing financial difficulties experience very different situations.

High interest rates, medical expenses, job loss or other factors can often result in high credit card or other unsecured debt.

It can be tempting to use your line of credit or bank account overdraft to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment.

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