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Numb, drunk, and awed by Anna, I fell hopelessly under the spell of the mysterious pheromones wafting from the temple of her body. If I could taste, if I could run my tongue across the slick, smooth folds, if I could reach to lap the sweetness deep within, perhaps I could discover the language of her pussy, perhaps the mysterious sacred words would form upon my tongue. The fragrance is strangely, powerfully enervating—at once flowers and sex. If you do as you are told, you may taste my femininity. That is what you want; right, to be of use to Gina? You propose a long list of possible actions, but we have no specific, current intention to do all of these things. "Now, Gina needs to video the signing of the Agreements for her latest effort in performance art.

My world disintegrated into a crumbing collage of sensation. She is permitting me to put my head under her dress." My thoughts and emotions wobbled an idiot's reel. Anna's legs are lovely, sturdier than Gina's, but perfectly formed and white as snow. Would she grant the blessed honor of tasting the back of her knee? The drug calls the way the love lure of flowers calls the worker bee." Anna uncrossed her legs and opened her thighs, such perfect, encircling softness. Here, let me reach down and get some on my fingers. The documents state that you recognize your perversions, and so you seek, desire, and accept healing, treatment, and whatever cure Gina deems necessary. "The documents list things you propose to Gina to do to you. For instance the permanent cock ring and other ornamental piercings, Gina said she would like to avoid superfluous mutilations. I want you to stand up and walk over there into the light so that Gina can record everything. Let me lead you by your leash." Anna took me by the chain dog leash that hung under my ball harness. The sweet pain of the jolt relieved my lingering fear that my numb balls had died in their long constraint in the harness.

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