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And then on to what I do now, which is controls (mostly DDC these days).

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And so most of us seem satisfied to remain within the confines of mediocrity." -- Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe, first president of Nigeria Vacuum: Pressure probe down stream of filter but up stream of fan detects negative pressure.

Pressure: Probe located down stream of the fan but up stream of the filter detects pressure as filter gets dirty.

Differential: Pressure probes located on opposing side of the filter will detect high differential pressure reached as filters get dirty.

The pressure across the filter can be influenced by the VFD but the fan should already be set up to perform with design specifications.

switch how do you calculate the correct differential pressure across the filter to know when hes dirty? Filter types vary but say a perf 2" filter with a max velocity of 500fpm if all was well ie duct size, cfm dilivery.

then you could measure pressure drop but like you said with vfd's it's all off the table.

This makes scheduling work schedules before hand a pain.

As guy is gonna have to suddenly break off doing something else, or put something "on hold" so he can take care of the filters. So I tend to favor scheduling in, along with some other routine maintenace/inspection, that guy checks filters. You're the best judge of your installation's needs/requirements. Myself I favor at least a once a month, simple, visual and hearing check of equipment. As well as servicing of whatever else is in the area, a bit of routine cleaning, etc. After all, there will be times when for any number of reasons a particular set of filters barely have any loading at all, and other times when they'll be heavily loaded.

But I never recommend that this be the only time or criteria for checking/changing filters.

While I'm in the new install of controls side of things now, for over 30 years I worked in what is essentially the in-house maintenance/operator side of things.

So I take a somewhat pragmatic and practical view of these things.

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