Double your dating customer support

Don’t just jot down some garbled handwritten texts to make sure you don’t get something wrong.

Also, don’t forget to repeat the information so that the representative can verify it for you.

Customer service representatives often need to ask customers to write down something especially if your concern needs a follow up.

Make sure that you write down everything properly and clearly so that you can understand it when you get back to it.

There have been so many problems about credits, late payments or payment postings because some customers do not understand the processing times.

If you are in doubt, ask them to clarify that to you so that next time, you won’t have the same issue anymore.

Most businesses now try their best to provide customer service round the clock.

Customer service is often most available through phone, chat, email or at a service desk in a branch or a shop.

Note: If a chat room owner has added you as a member, you can post messages to the room, and view history and participants.

Rooms you follow are ones you want Lync to actively monitor for new activity. Note: Search results will include all open rooms related to your search, as well as search-related closed rooms, that is, rooms available to members only.

Customer service should be customer centered and an agent should always try his or her best to resolve your matter as soon as possible.

There will be instances when they can do so right away but there will also be instances when you will have to be patient and let them do their work and let their work take its course.

To find out about becoming a member of a closed room, see Join a Lync chat room.

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