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As a result, formal mentoring programs have been organized to teach and train young women.

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They are often criticized by the church for being too worldly and by the world for being too Christian.

As a result many are frustrated and confused, and they have left the church to get fully involved in their culture without any impact for the sake of Christ.

And third, they need to engage their culture for Christ while being fully involved and accountable in a church that will help them to be in the world but not of the world.

With these foundations, musicians will have a greater understanding of music, themselves and their culture, and they will become great ambassadors for Christ.

The literature review necessary for an informed approach to this project included examining sources in the area of vision and vision communication, transformational leadership, missiology, and best practices concerning resources given to church plants in the United States." "The Christian church has historically valued mentoring relationships and the part they play in developing the faith of the next generation.

Christian women in particular have understood mentoring functions to be inherent in the mandate of Titus 2:3-5.

First, they need to know music from a biblical and theological perspective.

Second, they need to integrate their music and their walk with Christ.

Using the case study method, two senior pastors were interviewed who led their existing churches to plant at least one successful church. The pastors studied were Bob Roberts, Jr., Senior Pastor of North Wood church in Keller, Texas, and Mark Hopper, Senior Pastor of Evangelical Free Church of Diamond Bar, in California.

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