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What happens if I haven't spent my old £5 note in time for the deadline?Shops will no longer have to accept the old fivers from Saturday.

Shoppers are being warned that after Friday 5 May the old paper note featuring prison reformer and philanthropist Elizabeth Fry will cease to be legal tender, which means anyone who finds one in an old pair of jeans needs to take it to the bank or the Post Office to be exchanged.

According to the Bank of England's latest estimates, more than 50 per cent of the old notes have already been returned to be destroyed, meaning around 150 million were still in circulation.

It'll cost the British economy billions in lost earnings due to the chaos.

And both the funeral and the subsequent coronation will become formal national holidays, each with an estimated economic hit to GDP of between £1.2 and £6 billion as banks, businesses and the stock markets close, to say nothing of organisational costs.

High street banks can also refuse to exchange notes after the cut-off date, however many said they will replace the notes brought into a branch providing that you’re a customer of that bank.

A spokesperson for Barclays said: “Following withdrawal of legal tender status, Barclays customers can continue to deposit the paper £5 note and old £1 coin into their account.All BBC channels will stop their programming and show the BBC1 feed for the announcement.The other independent channels won't be obligated to interrupt their regular programming. At the BBC, anchors actively practice for the eventuality of the Monarch's passing so they won't be caught unaware on their shifts.If your bank, building society or Post Office is not willing to accept these notes they can be exchanged with the Bank of England in London by post or in person,” the Bank said.You may be asked to provide a proof of identification when exchanging large amounts of money.In 2015, a BBC journalist tweeted that the Queen had died (on the same day she was visiting hospital, no less) after not realising a rehearsal was going on — with the "news" subsequently being picked up by foreign news outlets.

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