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In such a rugged environment horses and mules play an important part in the transportation of people and goods.

So it is not surprising that horse riding can be enjoyed in most parts of Ethiopia.

Lake Abijatta is a feeding ground for numerous great white pelicans and greater and lesser flamingo as well as flocks of little grebes.

In any remote area, or undertaking any form of hazardous activity, taking a local guide is strongly recommended.

In national parks, ranger guides accompany trekking parties.

The rewards of a trek in the Simien mountains include spectacular views from the northern escarpment, the three endemic mammals – Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon, and the Simien Fox as well as Ras Dashen, the country’s highest peak at 4620 meters.

Bale has a less inhabited, richer mosaic of high-altitude plateau, heather moorlands, and dense juniper forest with an easily seen population of Mountain Nyala and Simien Fox as well as some fabulous birds, many of them endemic.

In many areas, particularly those with limestone, crag, underground caves and caverns may be discovered.

Near Dire Dawa there is evidence of prehistoric habitation.

Lowlands too offer a great opportunity for bird-watchers.

These areas are rich in seed-eating and insectivorous birds.

Nearby sites include Entoto, Gefersa, Debre Zeit, and Menagesha forest. Of the total endemic birds, over 60 percent of the species are found in the Bale Mountains National Park.

Totally 161 bird species are recorded in this park.

A trek in the Simien Mountains on a surface-footed pony allows visitors to get to areas even 4 x 4 vehicles find difficult.

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