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That photo and this text, "You'll get more of that when you get home," was what sent my 48-year-old wife Karen over the edge. I was the only one so far who hadn't cum and dammit I wanted to - so bad. She usually was good for three or four orgasms when we fucked. "Let's get this arranged so I can watch without him seeing me." Karen leaned the phone upright on the table and I sat in a chair off to the side so I could see both the phone and my naked wife. Karen gasped, grabbed her tit hard and exploded herself. "Uggghhhh, uhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh." That was too much for me. I was naked but I never showed myself from below the shoulders. I pulled the sheet more until her 36DD tits were exposed. I leaned over and cupped her heavy tit, flicking her nipple. " Karen rolled onto her back and I climbed on the bed, kneeling on my knees.

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"She said your cock fills her up." "Uggghh," Alex grunted.

I stiffened and sunk my cock deep into her and felt that shiver coming up my spine. Repeated, these will come to be associated with sexual satisfaction and joy.

Alex already knew what her tits and pussy and the rest of her body looked like because the previous few days they had masturbated, sucked and fucked several times. Karen knew I was watching them, but Alex thought their affair was secret. He had wiped the cum off his thick 8-inch cock but I could still see some cum on his stomach from when he exploded earlier. "Fuck," I said as I continued stroking it as I watched both my wife and her lover recover from their cums. " Alex asked as he quickly turned the phone over so that the screen went black. I sat there motionless for what seemed like a full minute but was probably only a few seconds. I handed the phone to Karen and walked around behind her. "Suck my cock, baby," I said as Karen flipped over onto her hands and knees and leaned down to take my cock in her mouth. "He has a big, thick cock and he knows just how to use it. Let's see that big thick cock that she loves to suck." He moved the phone so that once again we were watching him jack off.

Now that we were on our beach vacation in South Texas, I encouraged her to continue to text him and tease him. He had no idea I had watched them fuck and was now reading their texts. As he jacked it on video, he said breathlessly to Karen, "I know you love my big cock, don't you." "You do love it," I said to her as my hand went up and down my own cock. I started slipping the sheet down slowly, revealing just a little bit of her hot body. She kissed it, licked it and took the head in her mouth, turning so that she could make eye contact with Alex. He could see her thick ass sticking up in the air, her tits hanging while she sucked my cock. "It's OK, Alex, you can jack off again," Karen said while she held my cock, which was beginning to grow hard again. I love the way he fucks me." Alex now had his shirt off again and I could tell he was jacking off. I pushed Karen to the bed and told her to turn around. I slapped my hard cock against her pussy lips a few times, then sunk it deep in her dripping wet pussy.

"Think about sucking my big tits while you fuck me," she said. I'm not mad." It took several minutes for me to assure Alex that everything was all right, that I understood and that I wasn't mad at either of them. Then he cries and botches about them because they remind him of his dead ex wife the whore.

I glanced at the phone and noticed Alex was jacking his cock harder and faster. Karen then took the phone off the table and held it above her as she laid on the bed, moving it down her body. And the thrill of cucking (to those who appreciate it) is like fresh jolts of electricity each time its demonstrated husband has "less of her". Then Her pleas of 'just one more day' before she comes home on the phone. old fat ugly fag fool who reads everyone of these LW and cuck stories.

Her tits were firm though they sagged a little with age. The sun beating down on their tan bodies as she writhed in orgasm and he sweated while pumping his seed into his married MILF slut. "Karen tells me your cock is bigger than mine," I said. I glanced over and watched as Alex kept pumping his cock, his fist clinching his thick shaft.

"Your stiff cock in my pussy, driving in and out of me. Are you thinking about fucking your little MILF slut? With her legs spread, she starting fingering her pussy. I could tell by the way he lifted his ass off the bed, the way his hand was frantically beating his meat, the way his moaning turned to groaning. Facetime was still on, but Alex wasn't showing himself.

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