Facts on speed dating

The same was found for young men when considering a woman for a long-term relationship.

It's the dark circle around the iris that enhances the whiteness and brightness of the sclera (the whites of the eyes).

Researchers at the University of California at Irvine asked people to rate sets of faces that were identical except for the eyes—one had dark and distinct limbal rings and the other had none. Whether male or female, the faces with prominent limbal rings were considered more attractive.

Plus, garlic's antibacterial properties help to kill the real culprit: foul-smelling underarm microorganisms.

We all know oral contraceptives are useful—for reducing flow and cramps and preventing unplanned pregnancies. study found that women who were on oral contraceptives when they met their partners were, years later, likelier than non-users to be turned-off, sexually dissatisfied and eager to fantasize about an affair.

Oral contraceptives may also lead women to reverse their usual preferences in male body odor.

Once a woman goes off the Pill, her other instincts complicate the relationship.The likely reason is that a dark, well-defined ring is a signal of youth and health—qualities that people seek in mates.It's thickest and most prominent through the early 20s and fades—often becoming nonexistent—with age and medical conditions. Not true, says a speed-dating study from Northwestern University.Here's another olfactory surprise: Garlic may make you smell more attractive.Researchers in the Czech Republic asked people to eat garlic cream cheese (the equivalent of two to four cloves) every day for one week while wearing scent-trapping pads in their armpits.Your signature scent— whether it's Chanel, Shalimar or patchouli—becomes you. Fragrances may amplify and advertise your unique genetic makeup to potential partners, finds a study from the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

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