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It is indeed something different from today's mainstream perfumery (being 21 and having started to collect scents by 18 I can't really say I have experienced old school perfumery) and I will surely think about saving some money to invest in a big bottle.For those slightly confused D&G "red cap" fans out there such as myself, the youtube fragrance blogger "ouch110 Fragrance Reviews" published a video in which he explains the differences between these versions (original 90s version, reformulations and P&G "Made in Germany" re-release). I was curious to see what users report on the new "made in Germany" P&G version.

Silky sandal wood in the base is complemented with the sweet and balsamic notes of vanilla, Tonka and musk.

This fragrance is recommended for evening wear and special occasions. D&G was created by Jean-Pierre Mary and Martine Pallix.

I wrote a previous review stating that it smelled not good on me anymore . I bought a 100ml tester of the new "made in Germany" version. But the price is exorbitant , this is sweet water not a perfume!!!! It's a huge aldehydic citrusy, powdery, soapy fragrance.

I bought a new bottle and the juice looks golden like it did on the past . I'm living in Romania and this is what we get from "" online fake perfumes shop.. Citruses, mandarin orange, basil, cool musk and brisk sandalwood is big on me.

If there are those who knock men wearing it (and they would seem to be rare and few) I would suggest you bang on, Jean-Pierre Mary and Martine Pallix, for getting the bright idea of loading it up with coriander, sandalwood and aldehydes, thereby making it, EXTREMELY wearable for us dudes. Then I read the writing "made in Italy" on the tiny tiny box, and thought "oh well, that's not tooo bad either".

I dont 'specialize' any of the fragrances that I own. At the end of the day, its perfume, not a 10 million dollar lottery ticket. I certaintly didn't expect to test the "vintage" formula.

Buy the parfum de toilette instead of the edt, if you can find it. I thought it was my skin that changed but luckily it was the bottle . It explains the darker colour, it probably lost some notes, but was not wholly turned off. It kind of soothes and calms me down in the hot weather.

Heat, humidity and light degrade a fragrance quickly, sometimes in 1/2 years (Angel smell alikes are particularly affected,6 months in heat and they partially turn). Every time I spray it, the scent immediately fills the room. This has been discontinued time ago but now is produce by Procter&Gamble !!!???!!

I've never smelled anything like it, and probably never will again. The juice inside the bottle was lighter and there were so many fakes around, I just didn't know if it was the real thing. Once I took her out of the box, I sniffed and grimaced my face. She has certainly changed a bit from the years past- not being as heavy and deep, but only so slightly. This was a "blind" buy for me based on reading somewhere that this is President Trump's favorite perfume on a woman - thus Melania wears it. It is an interesting scent because it smells so different from fragrances of today . I am a bit tired of the sweet sweet fragrances so this stands out ! It is quite strong for an EDT, very long lasting (12 hours). What I can tell is only the very strong citrusy and aldehydic opening, and sandalwood in the dry down.

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