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Second, subtle changes run throughout the language.

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Although your SWF can load external assets not already compiled into your SWF (such as an MP3 or a video), any asset that you imported or embedded and all scripts—even if they originate outside the FLA (pronounced “flah” or “F-L-A”) file—must go through this compilation process to be included in the SWF.

This is why you must publish a new SWF every time you make a change to your code.

For now, just take heart knowing that error checking and reporting are more vigilant than in any prior version of Action Script.

Syntax issues have been unified and cleaned up throughout the language.

This software converts all of your human-readable scripts into an optimized, machine-readable format.

It combines that code with your assets into a single SWF file that Flash Player can decode and play back for all to see.

In Action Script 3.0, errors will no longer fail silently.

Understanding this fully in this overview isn’t important, and the benefits of data typing will become apparent after reading Chapter 2—and even more so after gaining a little experience with Action Script 3.0.

It’s true that its learning curve is steeper than that of prior versions, but that is usually a function of its robustness more than one of difficulty.

Typically, whether you are coming to Action Script 3.0 from a prior version of Action Script or another language altogether, there is an adjustment period during which users must occasionally adapt to a new way of doing things.

It’s also why you don’t have to distribute Action Script files with your SWF, even if you created external files, such as classes, when coding.

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