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Four days before this Nicola had visited Alexa at home to accuse her of posting negative things about her on Instagram. She was like a raving lunatic, a woman on a mission to hurt me.‘She came at me again, hitting and kicking out. ‘I’d been to a Beyoncé gig the night before and we’d got in at 2am. I’d never ever been in that position before in my life.Although the pair had separated they still met up on occasion to see if they could make their relationship work. Then my dad woke me and said the police were downstairs and they wanted to speak to me. Dad said, “It’s all right, don’t worry, keep smiling.” They were both crying.Yet, although she has been cleared of any wrongdoing whatsoever, to the wider world Alexa Collier is a coward, the woman who infamously broke her lesbian lover’s jaw rather than tell her parents she was bisexual.

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It’s bad enough to reveal a toxic relationship to your parents but when that is your first lesbian experience it’s even harder.‘I wish I’d never met her.

Not just because of the altercation and losing my job but because she has sucked the complete life and soul out of me.‘If you type victim of domestic abuse into Google, I know damn well I’d meet the criteria.’What exactly happened in that excruciating confrontation in front of Alexa’s mother in July last year remains a matter of profound disagreement between the former lovers.Exposed Webcams Another high quality site featuring live webcam models from around the world. Said to be the first porn tube site allowing people to upload and share adult content with others. There are usually 800 to 1100 models online from all around the world. Not the easiest site to use but it does have a lot of features and girls online.Now, Alexa, 26, says it is time for her side of the story to be heard – how she was forced to live with the constant worry that she would be outed to her parents as bisexual, the true victim of a toxic relationship.She is also angry at the justice system, saying the police did nothing when she reported Miss Lees to them on three occasions for harassment.‘Throughout the relationship I lived with the threat of her telling my mum about us.Free users can search the site and access some of the chat rooms.

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