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Cette tude visait obtenir des estimations plausibles du nombre doiseaux tus par les chats domestiques au Canada, dterminer les informations additionnelles pouvant contribuer amliorer ces estimations et enfin, identifier les espces dont les populations pourraient tre touches.

Dans lensemble, nous avons estim que les chats tuaient entre 100 et 350 millions doiseaux par anne au Canada ( 95 % des estimations se trouvaient dans cette plage), les chats sauvages tuant vraisemblablement la majorit de ces oiseaux.

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The main objective in this paper is to provide a plausible range of estimates for the number of birds killed annually by house cats in Canada, based on a review of data and literature available in Canada and other temperate-zone countries, so that this source of bird mortality can be compared to other anthropogenic sources.

A secondary objective is to examine the sensitivity of mortality estimates to values used for each parameter included in the calculations, to identify data that would most improve precision of future estimates of birds killed by cats in Canada.

Because some literature suggests a higher rate of birds kills by rural vs.

urban pets, pet cats were further separated into urban, including suburban, vs. For this paper, the ratio of rural to urban cats per household was assumed to be between 1.5 and 2.0, based on data in Lepczyk et al. When combined with the 19.7% rural population, the percent of pet cats that are rural was estimated to be between 27 and 33%. Predation by house cats, Felis catus (L.), in Canberra, Australia. Factors affecting the amount of prey caught and estimates of the impact on wildlife.

Many species of birds are potentially vulnerable to at least local population impacts in southern Canada, by virtue of nesting or feeding on or near ground level, and habitat choices that bring them into contact with human-dominated landscapes where cats are abundant.

Because cat predation is likely to remain a primary source of bird mortality in Canada for some time, this issue needs more scientific attention in Canada.

De nombreuses espces doiseaux sont potentiellement vulnrables des effets sur leurs populations au moins localement dans le sud du Canada, en raison de leur nidification ou de leur alimentation au sol ou prs du niveau du sol, et des choix dhabitats qui les amnent dans des paysages domins par les humains o les chats sont abondants.

tant donn que la prdation par les chats demeurera vraisemblablement une source importante de mortalit doiseaux au Canada dans un avenir rapproch, cet enjeu mrite davantage dattention scientifique au Canada.

The objectives of this study were to provide plausible estimates for the number of birds killed by house cats in Canada, identify information that would help improve those estimates, and identify species potentially vulnerable to population impacts.

In total, cats are estimated to kill between 100 and 350 million birds per year in Canada ( 95% of estimates were in this range), with the majority likely to be killed by feral cats.

This range of estimates is based on surveys indicating that Canadians own about 8.5 million pet cats, a rough approximation of 1.4 to 4.2 million feral cats, and literature values of predation rates from studies conducted elsewhere.

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