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on the fourth floor is a large bar that always has at least some people in it.

Entry requires the purchase of a slip good for a drink that costs anywhere from 10 to 20 Singapore dollars (-18 US).

Some of these women will meet customers after work but there are no guarantees.

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The bars vary a bit in style but none are all that different from one another.

By ten o’clock most of the bars have reached their zenith though many stay empty all night long. That applies even more to the bars than the building itself.

They contain residential and office units but those aren’t seen by most visitors.

They instead stick to a shopping mall like section that houses a number of retail establishments during the day time and a whole host of bars filled with women at night.

The mostly Filipina wait staff here is friendly and the stage shows consisting of Filipino cover bands or unattractive Ukranian dancers are okay but otherwise it’s not very alluring.

Without a doubt the most popular bar in the Towers is .

Bongo is one of a few bars offering free wi-fi for those who need to do some online banking in between their forty dollar beer orders. The place is set up like a dance club and open until 6 AM but I’ve never seen a whole lot going on inside.

A stable of Filipina women who are average in looks at the very best work the bar in search of very expensive lady drinks.

They hire a small team of beautiful friendly Vietnamese women in their early 20’s to drink beers and play games with customers who are willing to shell out for drinks.

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