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That’s all, your website will now have a tweet to me button which users can use to reach you on Twitter.

We hope that you found this article helpful and one of these solutions helped you add live chat system in Word Press.

Just like the official Twitter follow button, Twitter also offers a Tweet to me button. You can enter your personal and your sit’s twitter handles here. Copy the button code, go to your Word Press site’s Appearance » Widgets Screen.

Adding a tweet to me button will allow visitors on your website to send a tweet to you directly from your website. Drag and drop a text widget to your sidebar and paste the code inside it.

If you do not see Chat Rooms in menus, then click on screen options on the top right corner of the screen and check chat rooms to show on screen.

Your chat room is now live and available for users.

In the default channel enter the name of chat room that you will be creating on Foonetic, for e.g. Enter anything in the nickname field, it is a default nick name and Kiwi IRC will allow your users to choose their own nicks. On most IRC networks you can create a channel by simply entering it.

Lastly choose a theme, in the above screenshot we are using relaxed theme. Using command will create a temporary chat room for you where you will be the temporary operator.

We will look at some solutions that are free, reliable, and efficient.

We have previously written about how to create chat rooms in Word Press.

/nickserv register You will then receive an email from your Foonetic network with a verification command.

Simply copy the verification command and enter it in Kiwi IRC. Let’s register your chat room or channel as they call it.

Your chat room is public to all registered users and they can jump into conversations at any time.

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