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However, : I edited out the "nipplectomy" and breast-feeding for my personal version.

If the video does not present some kind of story or context, it's hard for me to enjoy the action, especially when said action unfolds over two hours.

It seems plays like a surrealistic dream, so a traditional plot is not required. If not, the proceedings will seem mostly artificial to me.

Fritz: I have to admit I bought this video [Chaos] after reading a description of this scene, but like you, it proved to be too much for me to enjoy.

I edited out the "nipplectomy" and breast-feeding for my personal version. It confirms most of what I imagined this video would be like.

I'm giving you guys a chance to speak up and make yourself heard.

Is it possible that we have 1000 readers a day who don't have a single thought in their heads and who can't take 5 minutes to share what they think?

That has been my problem with films such as The Girl Next Door. Chaos gets a pass from me because Kevin Gage ("Chaos") looks so much like Sid Haig, and I could easily see Haig filling this role, that it plays up the fantasy element.

I felt bad for the young woman being tortured, rather than aroused. As I've said before, I tend to prefer movies like the Ginger films, which depict convincing scenes of helplessness but are otherwise phony and silly enough that I'll never have to worry about feeling guilty, or sympathizing with the characters. They're great but when they start nailing the hands and feet they lose me. Well, you all knew I was weird from a long time back, right?

That's cool, but without any verbal interplay or relationship between the only two characters (except for the torture of course), I'm afraid I'll lose interest very quickly. Of course, I know many others won't care about this, so I'm sure the video will still do well.

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