dating service in montreal - Free moderated adult chat rooms

Some chat rooms / forums are moderated and this means that an adult is watching what is being said to make sure no one is being nasty.

The room creation process will provide tips at every step of the process.

IMVU's exclusive VIP club members can create up to 10 chat rooms.

Booting will block that avatar from joining the room for 20 minutes.

Anyone on the room owner's blocked users list will be prevented from entering your room.

Age-verified members can allow only other age-verified adults to join the room.

If you have your name registered then you can set your room to be available to those who are not "guests".

To report a chat conversation, click on the Safety icon next to the person's name in the text chat box and then select the appropriate reporting option.

IMVU has tested a new section to the Chat Rooms feature called "Themed Rooms".

Please renew your VIP membership to gain access to these rooms. You will be prompted to assign room moderators to your room during the room creation step.

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