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Head Start is characterized by a comprehensive approach to education, which at its core promotes safe environments for children and systematic health and developmental assessments.

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This starts with healthy brain development from the initial stages of life, along with good overall health and nutrition.

Classrooms and environments that model healthy peer-to-peer and adult-child interactions ensure success for every child and family.

TMCTA can help your organization avoid being bogged down with unnecessary data sets.

We will help you focus on the most important information so you can take the most appropriate course(s) of action.

Utilizing data as a basis to evaluate program decisions is critical.

However, it can be difficult to find the right answers in your numerous sources of data.

For more than 30 years, our company has supported government with unparalleled quality services in the fields of Human Services and Early Childhood Education.

Our sister company now offers the same experienced, competent support directly to your organization.

Please contact us for all your Early Childhood Education, Head Start, Child Care or other program needs.

We rely on data to provide excellent solutions that ensure the best services for your clients and the highest quality outcomes for your funding sources.

The Head Start Program Performance Standards require grantees to take affirmative steps to secure partnerships with community agencies providing services that help to meet the needs of families and children.

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