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No, this problem is not being solved and I'm scared to help her and tell them to stop. Like four eyes, alien and more just for wearing glasses. I don't think that kids who wear glasses shouldn't get made fun of.It's not someone's fault for wearing glasses."" - 11 year-old boy from MI ""I've been bullied on Twitter, by two people in the last couple weeks.I don't know what to do and I feel that something needs to be done before we are hearing on the news about some poor kid who killed themselves over what's being written about them on this vile site. Anyone know how I, we, can begin the process of taking this Facebook page down? The event was so traumatic it caused my son to have an acute psychotic break and to be hospitalized in an adolescent psychiatric ward for almost a month.

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If you are an adult who is being harassed online, see our recommendations here.

If you are a parent of a child who is being cyberbullied, please see: Responding to Cyberbullying: Top Ten Tips for Parents and educators should review: Responding to Cyberbullying: Top Ten Tips for Educators.

The following is a small sample of the thousands of anecdotal stories and comments we’ve received from children and adolescents who have experienced cyberbullying.

If you would like to anonymously submit a description of your cyberbullying experience to us, please do so in the form below.

Please provide as many specific details of your experience as you can. She's called me " Ugly Rag Doll , Useless , Babied all my life , Jealous , I need to grow up , unpopular , I can go and riot under a rock! Only someone that is heartless and that has never been bullied before.

""There is a site right now on face book that is called "Calling all hoes" that seems to be a place for people to write, for all the world to see, any hurtful or sick thought about anyone that they don't like-- Face Book refuses to take the page down... They don't know how it feels i guess."" - 12 year-old girl from MI ""My sixteen year old son was cyber bullied on Facebook over a period of 8 hours.

Internet bullying can hurt and affect people and kids need to know this.

These kids are not being punished in any way and think the incident is funny!

If you feel comfortable sharing your story, we would like to hear from you.

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