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Unfortunately, not all clinical trials are registered before they start.Here we discuss the dilemma faced by editors when receiving submissions reporting a clinical trial that was not registered prospectively, and a new policy for increasing transparency when a trial was registered after participant recruitment has begun.They lay stiffly supporting their bodies horizontally by feet and back of the neck between two chairs while weights were loaded on them the stunt performed by few strongmen.

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According to a ranking of the strongest women at the turn of the century there are the strongest five: 1. She subsequently mounted the trapeze and disrobed down to her acrobat leotards in the midst of the trapeze's swinging motion.

She appears to have begun performing while in her late teens and this was part of her repertoire at least as early as 1896-1898.

Also there were women who threw heavy dumbbells, inviting men from the audience to repeat that, among which just few were capable even of moving the weight a little.

Other women stopped a few horses by pulling a cord bound to them; they lifted carts, they tore a thick bunch of paper (later - telephone guides) just with their hands; they broke nails and doubled bars of iron; they danced a waltz with three men on their shoulders.

Besides, it was popular show where a lady lifted and held a bunch of people.

A frequent spark in such spectacles consisted in inviting male spectators to compare theirs strength with that of the strongwoman, resulting always extensively surpassed by her.

Famous Miss Lala (or La La) performed strength acrobatic and trapeze acts throughout Europe in circuses, music halls, in the troupe called "Follies Bergere" (Mad Shepherds) between 1860s and late 1880s.

She was also known as Olga, "Olga the Mulatto", "Olga the Negress", "The Cannon Woman" and "The African Princess".

In 1754 there was an exhibition in Paris with stunts of strength performed by "Les Femmes Fortes" (strong women), who supported great weights on their stomachs while stretched supine with their heads on one chair and their feet on another.

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