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Facebook's search function offers a direct challenge to that service.

It asks users not to head on over to Twitter to find out what's happening at any given moment, but to stay put on Facebook and search for it.

Friend single search engine dating friends site

It also leaves open the possibility that Facebook advertising in the future is targeting you based not just on what web pages you visit before heading over to Facebook or what pages you like on the social network, but anything you've posted about throughout the existence of your Facebook account.

Facebook says it's not introducing any new ad capabilities at this time.

Instead, Facebook wants people to be conscious of how they're sharing.

"We’ve been proactively reminding people who’ve they been sharing with," Stocky says.

If you search for Syria, Stocky says you'll more likely find posts from people who live in the country up top, followed by the post of a good friend in the US simply talking about a news story.

Of course, with any discussion of Facebook's growing repository of knowledge about its users comes questions about privacy.

Facebook search will simply be more powerful than it was before, starting first with everyone who designates English (US) as their primary language in the site's settings.

The feature will be available for those users on i OS, Android, and the desktop version of Facebook, with a steady rollout over the next few days, the company says.

Almost a year ago, Facebook transformed the search bar normally used to find other Facebook users into a tool for finding what those users were saying.

The company indexed everyone's posts so you could see friends discussing Mad Max or the FIFA Women's World Cup by typing the phrase into the search box instead of waiting for the post to pop up in your News Feed.

What sets Facebook search apart from other search engine is the way it is tailored to the individual user.

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