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There’s a fair chance that we will fail altogether to ever get it running.

In any case, the officially-sanctioned future that so many people are expecting — the digital wonderland economy — will not survive the energy and capital scarcities ahead.

One might follow the other in a better world, but our prospects for the moment are not so bright.

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We’re finding out that a culture of opposition produces confrontation, often just for its own sake, because there seems to be nothing better to do. His novels include World Made By Hand, The Witch of Hebron, Maggie Darling — A Modern Romance, The Halloween Ball, an Embarrassment of Riches, and many others.

Is it the opening round of broader discontent and conflict? He has published three novellas with Water Street Press: Manhattan Gothic, A Christmas Orphan, and The Flight of Mehetabel.

Looking worried, Carl quickly picked up his card and turned to pay the cashier. I survived, but my ovaries didn’t.” “I’m sorry.” He knew that was a cliché, but what else was there to say? I did childcare in college and now I work at a children’s center.

Harriet left her food at the counter, followed him out and saw him go into a nearby office building. Since I couldn’t have my own, I decided to help other people’s children.” “Makes sense.” “Then the President made his announcement,” Harriet explained.

– and his score often attracted unwanted attention, especially from women. She knew his name and, despite that “can’t”, he hadn’t wanted to make it too easy for her to discover his address. So I helped them find good sponsors and concubines to match up with. She’s a senior in college and is working in my office as an intern. I haven’t actually asked her yet though.” He’d taken his CAP test three years ago during his final year in college and he’d had a of offers. Luckily she only had two weeks of her internship left, so keeping his score quiet wasn’t difficult.

He got there first and she sat next to him a minute later. I couldn’t match everyone who wanted someone, so I kept looking. The thing was, the women were making those same offers to anyone with a good score. I’d like the others to be younger than her, so twenty-one max.” “Racial preference? Well...” “I’ll assume that means ‘white’ then,” Harriet put him out of his misery. ” “As long as she can speak English and looks good.” That really meant, ‘looks European’ of course, and he suspected that was what Harriet took it to mean. She dragged Carl back to his place and showed him exactly how much she agreed. She simply invented a new boyfriend to explain her big smile.

Satisfied, she went back to retrieve her lunch and pay for it. If she interrupted him at work or was waiting for him in the lobby as he left it would probably put him on edge. Carl was half expecting a call from the front desk telling him that the black woman in the red top wanted to talk to him. Harriet, the black woman, looked in her late thirties, so she wasn’t underage or past her menopause. ” “I’m not eligible to go, but the card usually shows 6.3 so people don’t...” She paused, “My real score can get some very strange reactions.” “I can understand their reactions, but why the score? “Suddenly the older kids were adults, years before they were expecting, and most of them needed to find sponsors.

She’d definitely seen his CAP card when he’d dropped it – why did it to land face up? As he left work the receptionist handed him a note: There was a business card attached with the name Harriet T. She didn’t seem like an ax murderer, which was one reason he could think of for that “can’t” in her note. They arranged to meet on neutral ground, by the bandstand in Washington Park. I couldn’t leave them to do it on their own – without help they’d mostly have made a mess of it.

The usual remedies of even more dependency aren’t working so well for anybody. And both the government and the news media are frantically busy manufacturing excuses for everybody’s bad conduct.

This poor nation is faced with the tasks of completely retooling its economy in a way that it can’t bear to imagine, and of also reforming its grotesque social behavior.

“I’ve seen yours, so you can see mine.” She got her CAP card out of her purse and held it out for him to see. That’s mostly what I do now, find concubines for sponsors and sponsors for concubines.” “Sounds helpful.” “I like to think so. He didn’t like that; they were only after the piece of plastic, without really caring about the person carrying it. ” As she’d told him, Harriet had done this sort of thing before. “You men are all the same, you like the young stuff. He was still embarrassed by the subject, even if Harriet wasn’t. What happens now is that I go and look through who I’ve got available to find people who might suit.” She didn’t mention that she’d be checking his background as well. Carl hadn’t thought about children, but the good mothers all had children and they wanted to keep their kids with them. He figured he could cope with one or two young ones to start with; three might be too many, so he asked Harriet to keep it to one or two.

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