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A precious grandchild and being called "beautiful" every day...more could you want?Be Ma/Be Pa: My 2 year old has called my parents - Be Ma and Be Pa since the first time she could speak and even though she can speak properly now refuses to call them anything else!She loved saying it and Great Grandmas loved hearing it!

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My other grandma, let me name her, and at 4 months, Baba came English so no ethnic relationship.

My mom named her grandmother Bamboo, and it stuck with us great-grandchildren too. Bagoo & Papa: My grandparents' (my dad's parents) were Bagoo (pronounced Bah-goo) and Papa (easy enough).

I haven't a clue how these came about except that my brothers and my cousins named them. One of my brothers's thought it was actually Popeye until my grandfather's death, when he questioned about the spelling of P-a-p-a on a card!

We all laughed because he called my grandfather this for years and nobody ever caught it.

I think my mother in law has the most unique grandma name... She wasn't ready to be a "grandma" when her daughter started having kids 6 years ago and she still likes to tie one on.

So her two grandsons refer to her as "Beerma" and so will my child! Bella: my aunt at 50 doesn't feel like a grandma, so her grandson calls her "bella", meaning beautiful in italian.

I came to your site to see if there was a language out there that used the same words but couldn't see anything. They're so proud to be the only Be Ma and Be Pa that they know!!!!!

Big Grandma/Big Grandpa: My brother, when he was just learning to talk, called our other great grandparents Big Grandma and Big Grandpa. Hence we called them Big Grandma and Little Grandma.

With Baby Boomers becoming grandparents, the stodgy old codger and plump, cookie-baking white frizzy haired grandparents are getting a massive facelift.

Tired of the old standbys of Granny, Grandma, Grandpa etc.

We joked the whole time that my mother would be called Be-Bop, from the children's Barney tapes.

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