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Most importantly, thank you for following your dreams and passions to create something so amazing and sharing it with the world.While it has been bittersweet to say goodbye to Yellowcard, I know the appreciation for what you guys do will never die.

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When I saw them at warped tour it was a goal of mine to see them in concert.

- Laura Stephenson Billie Thank you, Yellowcard, for picking me up when I was down and pushing me through when times were hard.

l’ve never been good at goodbyes and therefore this won’t be one, because your music will live on, in me and someday in my children. - Ana Minghelli For my 16th Birthday I received Ocean Avenue.

It was a new album at the time and I had really fell in love with the song mainly because… I was 16 and it felt so right, sleeping all day, staying up all night!

I could spend hours typing out my thoughts but it would be nothing you have not heard before. You will never be forgotten by me, I’ll keep your music running in my playlist until I’m old and I sound like the man in “Dear Bobbie”, and just like the song, when I die then I die loving you.

- Derek I don’t know how I can explain what this band means to me in just 65 words.There is such an amazing energy and passion from the crowd and the band that I have never experienced anywhere else.To me, for those few hours the whole world stops and we are in our own Yellowcard world.- Laura Stephenson Billie Yellow card will always have a place in my heart.In high school they were my go to band when I was having a rough day.You gave me music that speaks the words I could never find.

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