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November: Captain Watson travels to Lisbon to discover the has been ordered confiscated without charges, a court hearing, or a defense allowed.

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For more pictures from this campaign go to the Sea Shepherd Seal Campaign History page. The story makes headlines worldwide and exposes the operations of the world's pirate whalers and the Japanese and Norwegian connections to these illegal activities.

The Port Captain rules that there will be no charges against Captain Watson and his crew for the attack on the pirate whaler.

September: Watson meets with Cleveland Amory of the Fund for Animals.

Cleveland agrees to sponsor the purchase of a ship for a campaign to oppose the Canadian Seal Hunt.

Captain Watson is joined by American Airlines Captain Jet Johnson, Air France flight attendant Mina Fukuda as interpreter, and filmmaker Peter Brown. May: Sea Shepherd crewmembers from Ireland camp on Iniskea Island in the Irish Sea to interfere with the killing of grey seals by Irish fishermen.

After three days of negotiations, the Iki Island fishermen agreed to end the slaughter of dolphins at Iki Island. The crew sleeps amongst the seals and successfully disrupts all attempts to kill the seals.

Captain Watson is also banned from the ice fields and the sealing areas for three years.

April: On April 28th, the pirate whalers are sunk in Vigo, Spain.

Sea Shepherd offers a ,000 bounty on the outlaw whaler owners are unable to trust their own crew and retire the vessel.

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