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A city with Saxion University of Applied Sciences, a conservatory, a pop academy, an international school and an art academy.Epicentre to music and culture in the east of the Netherlands. All centred around the most convivial public square in the Netherlands; de Oude Markt (lt.

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All these buildings were brought here from 1961 onwards bringing back to life this most prosperous period of the Zaan region.

In its golden age the Zaan Region developed into an industrial area on a scale never seen before, with 600 active windmills: wooden factories powered by wind.

Students are obliged to make use of this accommodation for a minimum period of one year (12 months) starting on the first course date, except in case of the following exception: Students are allowed to check out during periods of temporary absence of study exceeding 60 days, provided this is reported to IIH Reservations at least six weeks in advance of the intended period of absence.

No guarantee is given that upon return for study at ITC accommodation will be provided in the same accommodation.

Housing XL has over 20 offices throughout the Netherlands.

If you are looking for a rental property, please make a free registration.

The front of the house is now a thought-provoking museum but the back annex has been preserved to give an idea of what life was like for Anne and the families she hid with.

Waiting times are often lengthy; so visit early in the morning or book online in advance to beat the queues. Meet your guide and driver at a central meeting point just across from Central Station Amsterdam.

Whether you are looking for a room, a two-bedroom flat, a short-term executive house or a six-room country house.

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