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I saw a video of two raccoons mauling each other to death.

Humiliation chatroom cybersex

The Canadian public is mourning the loss of Amanda Todd, a 15-year-old teenager from Port Coquitlam, B.

C., whose social-media tormentors dared her to take her own life, and rejoiced in cyberspace when she eventually did.

What happened to Amanda Todd was a tragedy that should never happen to another young person again.

But the solution to cyberbullying and lewd photo-sharing isn’t outreach. Where are the parents when these kids are sitting upstairs in their own bedrooms posing topless?

A recent comprehensive study determined that one out of every five adolescents has at some point cyberbullied someone else.

Yet parents are usually shocked to hear that their own kids are preying on the weakest, piling on the vulnerable.

A lot has changed since I was a teenager on the Internet.

Photography and photo-sharing is now completely ubiquitous (today’s teens need only look at their own parents’ online behaviour for proof).

After all, Todd’s biggest bully wasn’t really a bully at all, but an extortionist she didn’t even know.

Parents need to understand that for the first time in history, their kids are more likely to get into trouble in the presumed safety of their own homes than they are in the outside world.

Yet one thing remains the same: despite Internet parental controls, and increased awareness, most parents still do not monitor their kids as closely online as they do offline.

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