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And it's best to start early, just when you can't believe that you'll ever need it. Couples who slip below five-to-one have a hard time restoring the balance. Don't allow prolonged periods of resentment to persist.

Daily, non-stressful communication--continuing to keep up with each other's lives--is another bonding activity.

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The brain chemistry (based on elevated levels of dopamine and norepinephrine) that underlies romantic attraction can't remain in this state very long. That special chemistry that drives courtship is destined to fade.

This phase of intense bond formation used to last through the wedding.

Without a specific plan, most couples' attachment may grow weaker over time, whether or not they want this to happen, placing their marriage at risk.

The first years of marriage are the riskiest for divorce and affairs.

And it's one that tends to go by the way when lives become busy. Your disagreements are something that both of you must take an active role in managing.

Remember how curious you were to learn the details of each other's lives when you were getting to know one another? Planning and dreaming together are bonding for both genders.

So what can couples do to avoid the seemingly inevitable slide toward greater disengagement? But for most couples, it doesn't happen on its own.

You have to plan and strategize to keep your bond strong. Marriage research has revealed that happy couples have at least five positive interactions for every negative one.

The different approaches of the genders to many aspects of relationships, including communication and bonding, are another factor that can stress couples' feeling of closeness over time.

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