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It was simply a friendly dinner.” All you Chace and Rachel shippers can go cry a river now!

We lived together for the first couple of years of Gossip Girl, when we had no money before the show became successful." The profile of the actors skyrocketed as Gossip Girl became the must-watch show for the young and impressionable.

The only one of the main male protagonists to have on-screen trysts with all the leading ladies, he fast became the pin-up boy of the Manhattan-set show.

ends, love it when couples on TV start to date in real life too.

It make the show so much better and a lot more realistic when I see them on the show. As for him now, well he is not in a relationship at the moment.

Exes Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff had a friendly reunion, while former Gossip Girl costars, Sebastian Stan and Chace Crawford, had a mini reunion of their own as they caught up with each other during the party.

And let's not forget about all the gorgeous eye candy on the red carpet.As you might imagine, Alex’s attempt to become a kind of a father doesn’t go terribly well.” And so it’s inevitable that Alex, Valerie and Laura will inevitably reunite over the course of the season, Dewey assures.Candice Crawford and Tony Romo are engaged, upping the excitement in the "How Many Jessica Simpson Exes Can Get Engaged This Year" sweepstakes.’ If he’s in fact gay, that’s a lesson Chace Crawford—the dashing, engrossed young man at the premiere—may do well to heed.” Enjoying a conversation with another man certainly doesn’t make one homosexual, and having seen Mr.Some of Hollywood's biggest stars came together during the GQ Men of the Year party in La on Thursday, and it was full of exciting celebrity pair ups. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1939. First of five letters by Chamberlain mentioning Pocahontas. In this first version there is only mention that "They carryed [Smith] prisoner to Powhatan, and there beganne the English acquaintance with the savage Emperour" -- the fourth published account without mention of a rescue by Pocahontas.

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