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Drew was slowly emerging in the entertainment arena with his character Ian Archer in 2010 American television series, Tower Prep.Whilst Drew was in Vancouver for Tower Prep’s filming, executive producer Glen Morgan who happened to be a friend of a producer working in Pretty Little Liars saw and appreciated Drew’s act.

After finishing with B-1 modeling in New York, he left for LA to establish himself as an actor.

Later on, Drew signed with Sheppard Smith Management after which he signed with William Morris\ Endeavor Agency.

Later on Drew come into sight in The’s The Lake for about 12 episodes as character Ryan Welling.

Drew was seen as character Parker in an episode of ABC Family’s Greek.

Drew struggled a lot to make it through in modeling.

Acker’s athletic body assisted a lot in the process.

what we Lead TV’s Latest Teen Choice Nods But before Ezria fans revolt, hear the man out: “Jason is not this monster that everyone makes him out to be. In the beginning, everyone thought he was bad, and while no one knows either way just yet, you will see him opening up.” To clarify, this means he’ll be opening up to viewers can look forward to an unveiling of “what he’s been up to in his old house,” as well as finally pinning down what exactly went wrong between Jason and his kid sis.

“As the episodes go on, you’ll see more and more of their brother/sister relationship [in flashbacks], and why things became so tainted.” Look for even more backstory on the reformed badboy in this week’s episode, when Jason’s estranged mother (played by ‘s Andrea Parker, as TVLine first reported) returns to town.

As of recently, I meditate for 5 minutes as soon as I wake up.

Started doing this a few weeks ago and it has changed my day! When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order? What's the one word you are guilty of using too often? I also found my self saying "dude" as well, mostly to my roommate.4. "Back massagers." I have had some serious knots recently.

“Things aren’t where Jason wants the to be with his mom,” he says.

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