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It might not be the easiest path in the world, but there's a real freedom in authenticity and having the courage to be your authentic self.Before you were able to be open about your sexuality and your relationship, was Heidi or was anyone else in your life ever hurt by you being less than forthright?

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Do you ever wish you had come out or been more open about your sexuality even earlier?

No, and here's why: Adoption was something I was passionate about and planning on pursuing.

It wasn't as though we weren't already getting attacks, so it was just more of the same once the show came out.

I'm glad that we did it because one of the ways I think that we will start to evolve people's way of thinking and allow for more acceptance is by helping them see what same-sex couples and families look like — that it's not scary, but relatable.

If even one person turned around and said, "That's not what I thought it was.

Whatever it was that was intimidating me or that I thought was scary or gross is actually not," I think that's the best way to go about exacting change.

I didn't know where the future was going to take me, where I was going to live, or where I was going to find my child, but I did know [that the system penalizes same-sex couples] and that I needed to be able to say, 'I'm a single mom,' to adopt in certain places.

I was not going to allow prejudiced people with power to limit my ability to find the right child for me.

The old photos and romantic messages instantly brought happy tears to Heidi's eyes.

Adding to the waterworks was the fact that Jillian included lots of footage and pics of their two adorable kids, daughter Lu and son Phoenix.

"It's not that she's not the one," Jill said of Heidi, adding, "I have this, I don't want to say fear, but I feel like I'm preparing myself for the day she wakes up and goes, ‘I'm done with you.'""I have a perfect house for a wedding, by the way," Maria teased.

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