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He’s taking in the light-filled waters that drench the seashore across the wide boulevard in front of the hotel.

There’s a much better vista from his penthouse suite at the highest reaches of the Hotel Martinez, an oversize seascape complete with a bird’s-eye view of Paul Allen’s 0 million play toy, Octopus, docked offshore.

The film’s genesis was an actual event, the 1997 shooting death of a Texas high school student by a U. Although they bivouacked a few hundred yards from the boy’s home, they testified under oath never to have seen the youngster before nor, for that matter, his family’s noisy herd of goats.

The corporal who shot and killed the boy claimed that he did so in self-defense, when the 18-year-old shouldered his .22 and aimed in the direction of the Marines.

For three days now, he has been quick to heed the demands of strangers.

This time, however, his back to the server, his identity cloaked by a wide swath of brilliant blue sea along the Côte d’Azur, he’s not taking any more requests.

There were occasional breaks, rare high notes that punctuated the white noise.

Jones clearly enjoyed his Q&A with Chicago Sun-Times columnist Roger Ebert.

Jones’ black socks are randomly stitched with numerals in an absurd, helter-skelter pattern. On his way downstairs, Jones updates Wiatt on his San Antonio Spurs, who just clinched the Western Conference semis against Seattle.

Wiatt stares at the socks then stares at his client.“Where on earth? I’ve decided it’s very important to wear preposterous socks,” Jones says. Spurs owners Juliana and Peter Holt are his friends.

For him, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada required more.

He became its director.“I’ve always understood my job as actor to be only one factor in a larger and more important equation,” he says.

Both men are passionate about film, and Ebert discerned some of Jones’ influences in The Three Burials, which range from directors such as Kurosawa, Peckinpah, and Godard to minimalist artists Donald Judd and Dan Flavin.

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