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My husband is working later than usual and I lay down in bed and close my eyes.It isn’t long until I find my mind fading off to sleep.Natural disaster, technological Atlantean catastrophe, or supernatural beings invading through an interdimensional rift? The base 7 system suggests that a part of northern Europe (or possibly only Norway?

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Also, it works the other way, and they can be anywhere from a few months to a year early. Although emergency services have reported receiving around a dozen calls, authorities have reported the quake, which happened at a depth of 10 kilometers, caused no serious damage and schools would be open as usual.

The area of Melilla and the south-east of Spain is a center of seismic activity as it is on the boundary of the African and Eurasian plates.

we can expect to see aftershocks for the next several days (but) it's hard to predict," she said.

Tuesday's quake struck 37 kilometers (23 miles) east-southeast of Namie at a depth of 11.4 kilometers (7 miles).

He realized what was happening."You could feel the building really swaying back and forth for at least a couple of minutes.

It was pretty scary."Tokyo really felt this one, a 7.4 magnitude [aftershock], and there are casualties being reported, although small at this time (three dead, 140 injured).

; the 2018 dating has significantly more danger attached to it.

If Edgar Cayce's vision of most of Japan going into the sea is ever going to happen due to natural earth changes events (and not due to an extraordinary cosmic agent like Planet X), it will require more than a large earthquake and tsunami to accomplish this feat.

One can see the skyscrapers swaying and a strange blue flash of light on the horizon.

It makes me think of the legend of how Atlantis was destroyed in stages, by storm and deluge, In addition to the huge tsunami that followed the initial March earthquake, the explosions at the four nuclear power plants, their partial meltdowns, radiation leakages, and poisoning of food and water, rolling blackouts, and more terrifying quakes all contribute to a truly apocalyptic picture of an island nation going to its destruction in stages like Atlantis.

Experts analysing the eruption patterns of volcanoes on the island nation say it is 'not an overstatement' to predict that a natural disaster could leave the country 'extinct'., what will be seven years earlier by 2018, which killed 15,891 and injured 6,152, with another 2,584 missing ...

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