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The duo know each other since their school times as they studies together, lived nearby in Delhi. Now, his workout lasts two and a half hours a day for six days a week.

The man who made tweens realise what love is, Ranveer Sisodia was the smouldering, silent and strong type women swooned over! Raj also took the Balaji route and played roles in Saurabh who played the serious but romantic Aman took quite a mythological turn after this show was over and took over the divine dual responsibility of playing Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna in as many as THREE shows!

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Karan attended St Mark’s School, Meera Bagh in New Delhi.

Post that, he enrolled himself into IILM Institute and finally into Delhi University to complete higher education.

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The guy who played this iconic role is Karan Wahi who later starred in shows like Raj Singh Arora, the hottie who played Maurya High’s bad boy Yuvi played perfectly, LOVES photography, is a law graduate (whoa! Habib played the smug Nakul really well in the show, but sadly, the actor became paralysed after the devastating 26/7 deluge that ravaged Bombay.

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