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That’s basically the experience distilled into its purest form.Also, did I mention that it ends on a Tears For Fears song?That shouldn’t be surprising— was always just a frat house comedy with a thin nerdy gloss applied to it.

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They don’t know this because their odious professor, Dr.

Hathaway (played to a tee by William Atherton), obviously isn’t letting them in on the secret.

The party claimed was a symbol of British imperialism, and changed it to better represent local culture.

Similar renaming initiatives were implemented in other Indian cities like Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), Chennai (formerly Madras) and Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore).

knows this, and most of the rivalry here is geek-on-geek.

We watch the very real dynamic of people in the same social circle trying to one-up each other to gain status, stroke their own egos, or flat out cause trouble for fun.

It’s a boring cliche that rarely bothers to examine the realities of persecution due to differences.

Instead, it herds people into group stereotypes and activity negates character complexity.

For one, the movie is better at portraying geeks in ways that don’t just melt down to old tropes of pocket protectors and bow ties and awkwardness.

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