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A New York Police Department spokeswoman told the New York Times that foul play is not suspected in the 34-year-old’s death.“The cause and manner of death are pending further studies following today’s examination,” a spokeswoman for the city’s medical examiner’s office said.

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Alan Ladd's iconic gunfighter rides into the sunset in this cherished 1953 oater, ignoring one of the most famous last lines in movie history. " shouts the young boy who adores him (Brandon de Wilde, who got an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor). "Clint Eastwood represents The Good in the title trio of director Sergio Leone's epic 1966 spaghetti western. Butch was the brains, but Sundance could shoot his way out of any situation that didn't involve the Bolivian army.

Mc Cord's two-season quest for justice (1965-66) is accompanied by one of TV's all-time great theme songs.

Kids everywhere pretended to rip epaulets and buttons off their shirts and jackets, tossed plastic swords on the ground and reenacted Mc Cord's lonesome walk of shame.

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We look forward to helping with as much information as possible from tow ratings to information on older units – we have personnel who are familiar with units dating into the 1970’s, and what we don’t know from experience, we will be more than happy to research for you."Please, Jane, not in front of the men."Nicknamed "Bat" for the cane he wielded as a weapon, dapper U. marshal Barry Masterson (Gene Barry) also inspired one of the coolest fashion accessories for kids in the 1950s: the Bat Masterson Derringer Belt Gun.Pressing your tummy against the belt buckle caused the encased derringer to swing out and bust a cap in the ass of the nearest villain. Caine's master called him "Grasshopper," but you knew him better as David Carradine, the serene star of the ABC drama that aired from 1972-75.The bomb was aimed at the center of an ISIS cave complex in Afghanistan, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports.The bomb set off a massive pressure cave that would have crushed the life out of any fighters hiding in the cave, and it sent a mushroom-like cloud into the sky, Martin reports.Marvin showed remarkable range playing Kid Shelleen, a legendary gunfighter turned drunkard, and Tim Strawn, a cold-blooded man in black whose demeanor is almost as chilling as the metal nose strapped to his face.

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