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A lot of this is due to the fog that seems to roll in around then.

Pro Tip: Be prepared to always have layers with you.

The cost of goods in my experience have been as high or higher as anywhere else in the country.

I’ve solved much of this by moving to buying more online, which is a shame because that means not supporting local businesses. Taxes here are significantly higher than I’ve experienced anywhere.

A light jacket is your best friend in San Francisco.

People take the neighborhood you live in pretty seriously.

Also, as a forewarning, some people choose the cheapest costume of all, their “Birthday Suit”, on some days.

As one friend told me, “You’re not a true San Franciscan until you see a naked guy walking down the street.” Pro Tip: Don’t fight it.San Francisco is one of the most creative cities and it’s because of the self-expression that comes from events like this.With their oh-so-sly teaser ad campaign and the fact that it seemed like GLOCK hadn’t introduced a new gun since late in the first Clinton administration, the company did a marvelous job of whipping up loads of interest and anticipation for their new gun.On the east coast I got used to it staying warm on a nice day til 10pm.If it was 70 degrees in the morning, you could rest assured that the temperature would be about 70 when you left work that night. Working in So Ma, I’ve found that somewhere around 4pm the temperature starts dropping and so by 5 or pm it’s .One of my favorite things about coming to San Francisco has been this fact.

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