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Laverne resists becoming a volunteer nurse until her latest heartthrob enters the hospital.

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Two Of Our Weirdos Are Missing Season 2, episode 9 W: Bob Sand D: Howard Storm With Bo Kaprall (Norman Hughes), Carl Ballantine (Lionel T. Laverne and Shirley play detective when their oddball neighbors, Lenny and Squiggy, disappear Christmas Eve At The Booby Hatch Season 2, episode 10 W: David W. Birthday Show Season 2, episode 12 W: Roger Garrett, Paula A.

Roth D: John Thomas Lenox With Richard Stahl (Marshall Stewart).

To keep the world from figuring out that Laverne and Shirley are in love, Lenny and Squiggy step in and act as the girls' boyfriends.

While Laverne and Lenny's quasi-relationship is warm and friendly, Squiggy is oblivious - to the fact that his relationship with Shirley is fake and to the fact that Lenny has a huge crush on him. for Carmine that Laverne couldn't read out loud in front of her father.

The Bachelor Party Season 1, episode 2 W: Lowell Ganz, Mark Rothman D: Jerry Paris With Henry Winkler (Arthur Fonzarelli), Tim Thomerson (Silky Mulcheck), Paul Linke (Milo), Harry Shearer (Announcer).

The two girls take over the restaurant for Laverne's father while he's away for the weekend and nothing runs smoothly, especially when Fonzie throws a bachelor party there.

Bowling For Razzberries Season 1, episode 3 W: Marty Nadler D: Alan Myerson With Peggy Doyle (Milwaukee Mercy Mission Lady), Ruth Silveira (Karen), Randolph Powell (Doctor).

Laverne and Shirley's bowling team takes on the brewery's public relations team to get even with a tour guide who always belittles Laverne.

Good Time Girls Season 2, episode 8 W: Laura Levine D: James Burrows With Greg Antonacci (Hector), Stephen Nathan (Kevin), Bruce Kimmel (Scott), Fred Willard (Man in Bathroom). Laverne and Shirley and their friends entertain at a hospital Christmas party.

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