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If you insist on bringing the phone along (because let’s face it, you will), take a Bluetooth speaker too and use it to play music.

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He said social workers and police officers were offering the homeless sex offenders financial assistance and access to housing. Keeping it is another, according to one sex offender.

He said work is scarce once employers learn about his conviction.

Homeless sex offenders will be responsible for finding their own housing, and the Trust will assist temporarily with costs and services to help people get settled and employed.

"People have to work within the confines of the law, and whatever their behaviors have been, they have to deal with that," Book said.

A check of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website lists hundreds of sexual offenders and predators as transient. A man said he was caught during a sting in Broward County and has been living at the camp since February. because it’s just not safe." Surveillance video from Quality Metal Panels captured a man trespassing to throw his tent in their dumpster.

"Miami-Dade County should be embarrassed because of what these people are living like," Grafton said. I've already told all the employees they cannot be here after 6 p.m.

We cycle through apps and sites on an endless loop, from Twitter to Facebook to Reddit to email to Huff Po to nutrition message boards to MDA and back to Twitter, switching to a new one after consuming the last one’s content until we arrive back where we started, teeming with fresh updates. The stream of information is always there, buzzing at your hip, promising respite from the boredom of your mind.

Camping is a nice way to force that interruption because, well, Verizon/T-mobile/etc haven’t yet found it productive to beam their signals that far into the wilderness.

From my early days as a kid growing up in Maine (where it seemed like everyone camped), to my death-defying adventures with Outward Bound in the wilds of New England as a teen, to my current setup running a business in the Malibu hills, I’ve been a camper. Why, even today, do campsites at Lake Tahoe or Yosemite disappear upon release faster than Taylor Swift concert seats?

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