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So the two began to study the literature on how to see in the infrared.

Before the ubiquity of infrared goggles, military research projects dating back to the 1930s tested infrared vision in rats.

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The experimenters took 1.6 milligrams of oil every day, about $25.

“We realized that our allowance money and pocket change weren’t gong to cut it,” Licina said.

After six months of research, Tibbetts and Licina decided on a tactic: regular doses of a vitamin over a series of months with the aim of letting their eyes make sense of light in longer wavelengths.

The rods and cones in our eyes allow us to see the range of colors that we do.

But the answer, no matter how much we skirt around it, is actually “no.” However, Tibbetts insists that he himself see another color.

He, along with several friends, is part of a homegrown experiment where he has attempted to alter his vision to see in the infrared, which humans can’t usually see.

But several experts in ophthalmology have doubts about the purpose and safety of the project, not to mention the validity of the results themselves.

People who want to improve how humans function span the full range of invasiveness, from gym rats who chug protein shakes to biohobbyists slicing open their flesh in basements.

"Their experiment blurs on insanity." A person runs other risks in eliminating or changing dietary vitamin A, too.

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