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Mark Dudenhefer for the county’s Garrisonville District supervisor seat.

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In the 28th District, Republican House Speaker Bill Howell chose to retire this year.

In the 88th, Republican Mark Cole is expected to again win re-election in any circumstance.

If the recounts and other challenges do not change any results, Republicans would control the chamber 51-49.

In a separate race, Democrat Laura Sellers plans to file a recount request with the Stafford County Circuit Court Monday in her race against Republican Del.

if we’re worried about different aspects of elections, why would we place more emphasis on one potential problem, which might be fraud, over another one, which actually has a larger effect, which is a misassignment of voters,” Mc Donald said.

One potential legislative change that could reduce the likelihood of similar problems in the future is a requirement, similar to one in some other states, that local precinct boundaries be entirely within one state-level district or another.

“If you just had every precinct line up with every district, you would know that this precinct is supposed to get this particular sort of ballot, but that doesn’t happen in Virginia,” Mc Donald said.

“We really don’t know the extent to which this sort of misassignment of voters happens across the country, because we actually don’t have accurate precinct boundaries available for the entire country,” Mc Donald said.

“I continue to look at this ‘at least’ number, so something really went wrong in House District 28 and the adjoining district, and when I look back at the election results I suspect that whatever was happening there was not isolated to the 2017 election,” Michael Mc Donald, an associate professor of political science at the University of Florida and a former George Mason University professor, said in an interview.

The Department of Elections generally has not audited the information entered into the state voter registration database by local elections officials, and only began using modern mapping technology on a limited basis last year.

The Department of Elections disclosed Wednesday that at least 384 registered voters in the Fredericksburg area were misassigned one way or the other between the 28th House District and the 88th.

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