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You have to start by finding out what opportunities exist in your school. Talk to parents, students, guidance counselor, principal, guidance secretary.Sometimes there are hidden opportunities that you don’t get without knowing exactly what to ask for.Wrightslaw: Manuel, I agree with Chuck’s advice to you. Pete and I are scheduled to do a special education law and advocacy training program in Albuquerque on March 25, 2014.

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We worked out a scenario where 2-3 of the higher functioning children went with an aid to the back of the room and were given additional assistance. My “normal” high functioning son was terribly disorganized in middle school- we set up many of your “flags” to get work turned in. Sophie: You can also ask for modification of class work and homework, with an emphasis on quality, not quantity.

Added cell phone pics of board assignments, school teacher hotlinks, lunch time counselor check ins, monthly locker clean outs. And my son’s 504 plan says that the parent can draw a line on the homework when he hits the fatigue point, and write “stopped here due to fatigue (signature).” A couple more good accommodations: extra time, chunking, and receive assignments earlier to help student with self-pacing.

She is in an inclusive 5th grade classroom but pulled out for 2.75 hours with 8 other kids into the classroom next-door for reading and math daily.

(1 hour with 2 additional kids) She is making good progress, is very social, does not need assistance outside of academics.

Location of services on IEP at current school says sp.ed, but at new school, I do not want her in that sp. They have said they will not change IEP end date to reflect only current year/building.

If I sign IEP then she will be in a more restrictive environment next school year. Jennifer: Kristin, if there were an argument for the least restrictive placement, you have it.LRE / Inclusion: INFORMAL EXCLUSION Manuel: Looking for guidance, federal or state, on informal exclusion of SPED students. Chuck: Manuel, I suggest that you contact the Parent Training, & Information Center for New Mexico. While they are located in Albuquerque, they should have staff through out the state & they can also assist you by phone.Their # is 800-524-5176 They will be familiar with the state & federal law.LRE / Inclusion: INCLUSION TEACHER – A REASONABLE REQUEST?Mauri: My son is in the 9th grade and having trouble keeping up the classroom.Outline what types of positive behaviors that you noted when she was with typical peers at her former school. I have seen this over and over again where just 1-2 girls with needs like your daughter are dumped into classrooms with behavioral kids, mostly boys with severe behaviors. LRE / Inclusion: BENEFITS OF LRE Carla: Is there a list of the benefits to a student with autism from a least restrictive environment?

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