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Crime also increased, since illegal activity was required to market the illegal alcohol.

Criminal activity became organized and led to the rise of powerful crime syndicates that used murder, and the bribery of public officials and even law enforcement officers, to move large quantities of the illegal substance.

This was especially important in the Depression years that began with the Stock Market crash in 1929 and lasted into the late 1930s.

By the start of the 1930s, sentiment for the reversal of the alcohol ban was beginning to be voiced.

Alcohol sales had created jobs and generated significant tax revenues.

By the time of the repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933, it was obvious that the measure was a failure.

Instead of promoting the nation's health and hygiene, the opposite was true as the illegal manufacture of alcohol filled part of the void, and those illegal products were often dangerous or much higher in alcohol content than the beer, wines and spirits they replaced.

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The Prohibition era lasted from 1920 through 1933, and was an attempt to legislate morality.A permanent ban on the sale, transportation, importing, and exporting of alcoholic beverages was enacted by passage of the 18th Amendment to the U. Prior to the national ban, individual states had passed local bans, and by 1916, 26 of the 48 states banned alcohol.Proponents of the so called "noble experiment" claimed that the nation's health would improve dramatically without alcohol, and that crime would drop.Patterson joined the rest of the nation in banning beverages with an alcohol content greater than 2.75%.The day before the ban went into effect, Putnam County adopted a party atmosphere as people traveled to "wet" areas to enjoy their last night of drinking.It took a Constitutional amendment to enact it, and another one to repeal it.

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