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"As I've mentioned before, I'm very interested in the possibility of bringing the NHL to Houston, but it will have to be a deal that works for my organization, the City, fans of the NHL throughout the region and the NHL Board of Governors," Fertitta said.

They are now known as the Iowa Wild and play in Des Moines.

Houston has had hockey teams going back to the Houston Huskes in the late 1940s.

Jack Roslovic was actually drafted with what was a Sabres first round pick. 2.52 Sabres drafted Brendan Guhle (pick was actually 51 overall Peterborough – 60 5-19-24 -4 46 The Sabres made the right selection with Guhle.

Dennis Yan had a strong season in the Quebec league. Cloud State – 37-1-13-14 17 36 David Cotton Drafted by Carolina 169 overall HV71 – 15 1-0-1 -2 14 Jesse Gabrielle was selected 17 spots ahead of the Sabres.

This arcade-focused mode shrinks the rink, speeds up the actions, and dispenses with icings, offsides, and a few other rules.

In its place are flames, mascots in the line-up, and commentary pulled straight from a WWE match.

The city's most famous hockey team was the original Aeros of the World Hockey Association in the 1970s featuring Hockey Hall of Fame player Gordie Howe and his sons Mark and Marty.

RELATED: Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta evaluating opportunity for NHL team Aeros attendance was never spectacular but it did offer up an underrated and value-priced diversion for a few months when the Houston Texans weren't on the field, the Houston Rockets were away on business, and the Houston Astros were deep into a rebuild.

It is by far the best mode for those who like to control every minutia, but more than a little intimidating for those who’d rather just hit the ice.

If you’d prefer to focus on a single user-created player, the Be A Pro mode allows you to start from the junior leagues, train in different areas, build experience, and improve your stature going into the draft, then work your skills in the NHL to continue growing in skill and fame.

Franchise offers the full breadth of ownership and management, giving you the powers to create a team from scratch, customizing logos, mascots, arena features, and other backend elements.

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