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We wound up getting chicken breast, thigh, skin, meatballs and other skewers that were delicious.They are seasoned and grilled and as close as you’re going to get to a paleo meal in Japan.Just a few practical pieces of information: Kyoto is very accessible to get to from Tokyo, so if you are visiting Japan for the first time, it definitely makes sense to see both cities on the same visit.

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Day 1: With only two days in Kyoto, we really wanted to maximize our time so that we saw all of the must-see shrines but also left some time to happen upon things.

Before we went to Japan, I took the time to map out all of our “musts” on Google maps, and then created an itinerary based on proximity so we could be efficient.

While walking toward the Silver Palace, we stumbled upon an udon spot called Omen. We quickly were seated to a table where we sat cross-legged on a mat and perused the menu of soba, udon and other noodles.

I ordered an udon dish and my boyfriend ordered soba and we sampled each others.

After getting into the main section, which is flooded with travelers making it virtually impossible to get a good solo photo without people in the background, my boyfriend found a genius hack that was a shortcut that allowed us to walk in the woods next to the shrine and get in front of the crowds so that we could get some amazing shots.

All in all we spent about an hour here before heading to the next location.

While the quality of everything we were served was top notch I’m sure, it was a bit too adventurous for us to fully appreciate.

Many of the dishes we indiscernible or had odd textures.

Dean & Deluca: A strange thing happened in Asia that I’ve found amusing ever since. So, when we came across a Starbucks or other chains (typically at breakfast), I insisted we go in and find Greek yogurt or muffins and such.

So, when we were walking around Kyoto and stumbled upon a Dean & Deluca near city center, I was ecstatic.

I picked on a few of the courses but wound up passing my dishes to my boyfriend when the chef wasn’t looking, resulting in him being uncomfortably full.

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