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The extent of the coral deposits are relatively small around the occupied islands and progress until at Midway, where core drillings have been taken, there is a minimum of 820 feet (250 m) thick deposits and with limestone showing up to depths of around 1066 feet (325 m).

The following figures show Nihoa island, Pearl & Hermes reef, and an animated depiction of the life of a volcanic Pacific island.

It sprang to life again in 1996 and during the summer of 1996 the largest swarm of earthquakes ever recorded on ANY Hawaiian volcano shook Loihi seamount.

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Mount st helens carbon dating

Does this mean that soon we will be seeing video clips on the TV news of a new island being born?

Probably not, since many volcanologists propose that it will be thousands of years before Loihi becomes an island.

There are no signs that the current eruption is slowing or will come to an end anytime soon.

Kilauea shares the Hawaiian hot spot with its larger active sibling Mauna Loa and with Loihi seamount.

Seabeam bathymetry images taken in 1997 show that where there had once been a 300 meter tall cone called Pele's Vents there was a new pit approximately 200 meters deep that has been named Pele's Pit.

Next in the chain is Kilauea volcano, on the south side of the Island of Hawaii. Its current eruption (known as the Pu`u `O`o Eruption) started in January 1983 and as of January 2000 had produced 1.9 km3 of lava (0.112 km3/yr), had covered 102 km2, and had added 205 hectares to Kilauea's southern shore.

Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the Hawaiian Chain.

Its summit rises to an elevation of 4205m above sea level.

The question is how could such an extensive chain of volcanoes be formed in a relatively short time?

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