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From Kassel to Darmstadt and from Fulda to Wiesbaden, the cities of Hessen are unique in their cultural offerings and architecture.Spend some time on a vacation or a weekend excursion - and you'll quickly come to appreciate the diversity of Hessen.

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We invite you to take a closer look at Hessen, which is international and open-minded but also deeply rooted in its heritage and history.

Frankfurt is a fast-developing European metropolis, but just one hour away lies untouched wilderness for example in the Odenwald, Taunus or Vogelsberg.

It makes me a happier person than if I were to dwell in the doom and gloom of things. How does it help you tell your story about weight loss?

This is important advice for everyone, but it applies especially to writers when facing rejection. Humor makes it easier to talk about the more miserable times of my life.

I hope telling my story will help other people believe in themselves, so they will achieve their own goals.

There's a lot of power in showing people possibility.

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It does seem like many of us sell ourselves short, and we can learn from you to rise to the challenges in our lives. It's really just a reflection of my attitude toward life. If you focus on the negative, you're probably not going to be very happy.

I try to see the positive side of things and find the joke.

If not, at least all the laughing you'll do is good cardio. There are plenty of books that will tell you what to eat and how to exercise, but mine is about what it was like to lose almost 200 pounds and how the journey changed me.

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